Rules & Regulations

The students should come to the school regularly in uniform. Students should maintain a high standard of discipline. School will not be liable to compensate any claim arising through illness, accident or any other cause. Students are not allowed to leave the school campus without the permission of the school authorities. Defaulters will do so at parents risk, School will not responsible. Student should take care of their personal belongings. They are not allowed to bring any valuables, cash, mobiles, laptops and i-pods etc to school.

Student will have to participate in each and every activity of the school including tours, treks, excursions etc. immorality, grave insubordination, bragging, stealing, contempt of authority or breaking bounds is sufficient reason for immediate withdrawal from school.

The decision of the Director/Principal shall be final and binding on the parent/guardian/student in case of any dispute.

The parents and guardians will be bound by the school rules and regulations as amended from time to time. A student can be withdrawn from school at the parent’s request at the end of an academic session. If a student withdrawn during the session, admission & annual fees paid will not be refunded. The withdrawal of a student will be granted only by submission of a written application to the Principal/director one month prior to the withdrawal. No dues certificate obtained from various sections of the school will be required for the issue of Transfer Certificate. Legal disputes, if any, will be under the jurisdiction of appropriate courts in Shahjahanpur District.