Message From Principal Desk

It is dilemma of an adolescent. Bringing up a child is not an easy job, rising a child is very much like a skyscraper. If the first few storys are out of line, none will notice, but when the building is 16 storys high everyone see that like tilts. We have to ensure that we keep the building straight. Dear reader one of us is stakeholder in the development process of your young students. The shaping and molding of young minds in becoming responsible citizen is our pleasant duty.

We have to help our students in dealing with the peer pressure effectively. The awareness of the physical development should be taken by the growing children naturally. We must also try to minimize the effect of media as we cannot wash away internet, TV or mobile phones. The parents and teachers must establish effective communication with the young ones.

There are problem of disturbed family environments, broken home, single parents, both parents busy in their jobs, too much disposable money with children and too little quality time with parents, neglected children and identity crisis with our students, we have to understand the growing child with live & care.

Adolescence is a dynamic phase characterized by frequent change from moment to moment. We must approach a positive approach to bringing up children, constantly updating our views, attitude & information. Dealing with young students we have to alert, firm & caring but nurture them with love & affection.

“Don’t worry that children never listen to you, worry that they are always watching you”