Extra Curricular

Co-Curricular Activity

The school endeavors to shape the all-round personality of the student by offering manifold opportunities for participating in various co-curricular activities and a wide range of hobbies such as drawing, painting, dramatics, music & dance, western music, social work and community services. Student joins various clubs like English, Hindi, Yoga, Dance, Music, Gardening & I.T. club.

Student Council

The student council is the official medium of communication between the students and the school, this body of representatives nominated annually in investiture ceremony. The students get an opportunity to express their views, make suggestion on various matters concerning the school, learn to shoulder responsibility and have practical training in leadership. The student council meets often to advice the Principal on welfare measure for the students community. They help to maintain school discipline organize function in the school and also collect funds for social welfare activities. There is a staff advisor for student council. The children’s benevolent fund gives financial assistance to the needy students. There are also class perfects who are entrusted with various responsibilities and they share the task of maintaining the proper discipline and decorum in the school meeting of the houses captains, prefects and sports captains are held regularity to discuss issues pertaining to students welfare.

Tour & Trek

Travel is the best teacher and therefore the school regularly conducts various recreational and educational tour & excursions to the places of cultural, scientific, historical, villages and geographical importance. These extension and expeditions compulsory for each student are planed meticulously taking all possible, precautions for their safety.

Art & Craft

The academic block of the school can boast of a special Art & Craft Studio that is managed by the specialized faculty always guiding and encouraging students to pursue their artistic exploits.

Sports & Games

The games, Sports & Physical fitness activities from an integral part of the school curriculum to ensure fullest & manifold development of the child enabling him to attain good physical health, mental robustness, emotional, physiological stability and social adjustability. The school has spacious playground for football, volleyball, kho-kho, cricket & badminton along with the facilities for training judo, taekwondo & skating.
Inter class, inter house and inter house competition are organized from time to time and the school team in sent to participate in district & state level championships. Student actively participate in various games & sport events in order to develop organizational skill leadership qualities, annual sports & annual athletic meet are conducted with great fan-fare and enthusiasm . the proud winners are awarded certificate & attractive prizes.